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"Remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good."

- P.C. CastBetrayed (via hetheria)

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I think I am going blind and turning into a puddle on the floor listing all these items. 

Thank the gods Etsy lets you save things in drafts before you publish them. 

Shop is officially going live tomorrow around 8 PM and of course the giveaway ends then, too. 

*pees a little*

Anonymous said: Since your recent giveaway came across my dash - why only US citizens? (I ask because I live in the US, but I'm not a citizen.)

Oh I suppose I should change that! It’s open to anyone who lives in the US, yes. The only thing I can’t do is ship animal parts abroad. That’s all I was trying to specify. I don’t care if you’re Mexican living in America or Barbadian or Burundian or Czech or whatever you are as long as you live in America haha.



Forest Fern Creations’ September Give-Away

Just a fun give-away to celebrate my shop reopening on October 1st. Thank you all for the continual love and support. 

Same rules apply as usual.

You must be a USA citizen to win.

Reblogs count only and you must not delete this text.

You must be following me.

You must be over 18 years of age.

What you win:

Yucca seed pod slice

Small crochet doily

Three ostrich feathers artificially dyed

A small preserved rabbit foot

A bunch of organic raw mohair with lace

A print of an old photo

Two bones

Broken crab claw

Mushroom specimen

Shell piece

Bundle of basil grown in my garden with vintage lace

Black seed and rusted bottle cap earrings

Seed pod necklace made with wasp nest and moth wing

Thank you all again and winners will be picked on October 1st! <3

For those who missed yesterday!

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