Forest Fern Creations

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Survived the gargantuan move and are settling in just fine into our beautiful new home. Will post photos as things become more arranged. We are loving our quiet country life and besides all the moving we haven’t left the porch ;)



im always looking forward to breakfast and coffee, even after I have my breakfast and coffee I’m excited for the next day’s breakfast and coffee

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After 5 long hours of closing, we officially own our house! :)

Bring on the log home loveliness.

I’ll catch you all in about a week once we are settled with new photos and shots of the decorating.


storyshepherd said: Do you know any good blogs on bee keeping and gardening? With tips, methods and just cute updates on bees and flowers? I really want to learn how to be a bee keeper and make honey and candles and thought you might know. I'm sending this to just a few people, hope no one minds.

Hello there! I hope you don’t mind I’m posting publicly, I just hope that others may be able to chime in on this one. A great homesteading blog I follow is hqcreations. Check her out! <3