Forest Fern Creations

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So today we received a very special package with the mail. My sweet friend  Elin had sent us a wedding gift; these two beautiful viking figurines! She had also included an awesome drawing! Erik and I are both super excited about them, and as you can see, they have already gotten a special place on the shelf, next to the mead and my wedding bouquet. Thank you so much, beautiful lady, for being so incredibly sweet and thinking of us. 

"when you gather a plant, you take on the responsibly of carrying it through the rest of its existence"

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Field testing the Companion knife .

Feathering up softwood larch for fire prep using King Alfred cake tinder fungus and one of my6mm  fire- steels struck with the spine of the high carbon steel stone- washed knife.

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

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