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White Henbane (Hyoscyamus albus)

A lovely relative of the Black Henbane: White Henbane can be distinguished from the type species by some distinctive features. The flower petals are a brighter sulphur yellow and less vained. The stamina are coming more out of the bell-shaped flower chalices and are a pale yellow instead of black. I love how they jut out of the flower’s dark purple center… it’s somewhat quaint! The foliage is hairy as on Black Henbane, but differently shaped. The first sets of leaves are more round though still crenate, whilst the distal or upper leaves are rather lanceolate and not serrated. Besides this I find the flowers to stand a bit more loosely on the stem than on black Henbane but this may actually change, the taller the plant grows. Now I had success for the first time growing this herb from seed. It may in fact be owed to that super-summer I mentioned earlier. The White Henbane is native to the Mediterraneans and likes hot and dry climates. I actually think to have seen it grow wild by the sea when visiting Malta! Hence I guess last year was simply to rainy and cold for the plantlets. This year I could sow earlier and the temperatures have been relatively warm and stable.

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Back from a very sunny and perfectly summery weekend of bluegrass, barn dances, lobster rolls and laying on the grass! Somehow managed no sunburn so that’s an added Irish-girl bonus.  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have been talisman-making so I will post photos later this week of the completed projects <3

whenever i see a video blogger (vlogger?) on youtube or something i always get filled with this sense of amazement and wonder that there are humans out there who actually enjoy talking in front of cameras. i could never do it. good for them!